Current Planning Process

For the most part, I have enjoyed the planning that goes into making a wedding. Though I haven’t gotten far, at all really, it’s still the thought that counts. My fiancé Ryan and I are planning a wedding for 2013. The date hasn’t really been set in stone, but we have looked at dates in May. The date really has no significance except for the fact that the weather may be nice, but more importantly most places have lower rates during this month.

Our graduation date is set for December of 2012 and as most college students coming straight out of school, Ryan and I will not have much money to spend on an extravagant wedding. Of course my parents are going to be paying for the majority, but they have also been paying for all of my financial needs to get me through school and will also be paying to put my younger brother through school the same year we are planning on a wedding.

Having figured out what our financial situation is looking like we can now start to think of realistic options for a wedding. This means nothing over $8,000 and even that may be a high figure depending on what Ryan and I can put towards with our own money. From what I’ve heard with living in Fredericksburg, an average wedding in the Fredericksburg area can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. This news article has the national average being much higher

Even though the average wedding costs are high, there are ways to have weddings that are budget friendly.Wedding costs really depend on the person and what you are willing to spend or compromise on. We have realized that setting a budget is one of the biggest first steps to planning a wedding which can also affect the entire thinking process. It can narrow down the type of dress that you want, the venue, decorations and even food. At first it can be discouraging but there are always options out there. Our first choice of wedding venue was to get married on the beach down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We’re still throwing this idea around, but we would really have to find a way to bring down the costs to be able to afford it. I won’t get too much into the whole venue process since I plan on writing a future article going more in-depth, but everyone should realize that it is not as easy as one thinks.

As for being a bride (this obviously doesn’t affect the groom) finding a dress is always a first step in the planning process. The hard part is finding where to start. Trying to figure out what you want, where you’re going to go, how much you’re willing to spend and how soon should you buy a dress? I have found that the best place to start is the internet and then gradually make your way into the stores. Most online sites don’t list prices but at least you can get an idea of what you may like. Of course the next big step is to start trying on dresses and see where that goes. This is as far as I have gotten in the dress department.

Aside from trying on dresses and calling around to different venues, this is really as far as I have come with the planning process. By the time I write my next blog I plan on explaining a little more of my research. I decided that I wanted to use this article to show my thinking process right now and give a little background with what I have been working with so far. There is still much to do but I am confident in what I may find.


3 thoughts on “Current Planning Process

  1. The one thing I can tell you: Make sure his family helps out. This past November my sister got married, and my family did mostly everything. We were running late in the end, and I wasn’t able to stay for the after wedding pictured to finish setting things up. His family didn’t lift a finger, and the groom himself was upset about it. So try to have as many helping hands you can.

  2. I will definitely make sure I have plenty of people helping. I don’t think it’s going to be a problem. His family is very helpful even in our early planning process. Plus between me and mom we have plenty of friends to help out. But thanks for the advice I will definitely make sure everyone is put to work!

  3. This is a great introductory post, setting up where you are and what’s going on. I’d have liked to maybe see a bit more about setting a budget so it was more helpful to other brides, but you set it up and gave us some info about where to start, and that’s a good job.

    Now that we’ve talked about blogging a bit more, consider breaking up the text of future posts with headings and shorter paragraphs so it’s organized and flows easily–the eye can skip down the page and see what they’re going to get.

    Good job!

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