Finding Decoration Ideas

I’m not sure how many people use Pinterest, but if you do, you know it is a great addicting website. For those who don’t use it Pinterest is a website where you sign up and create different categorized “boards” on your profile and “re-pin” different images. Essentially it is a way to share ideas and pictures. For example I have a board categorized for wedding stuff where I “re-pin” different ideas and images that others have posted to the website. Instead of trying to go into too much detail here is the link to my wedding board . If weddings aren’t your thing take a look around the rest of the website. You’ll be surprised what you may find.

Getting Started

Let me now give my reason why I explained what Pinterest is. Ryan and I have started thinking about our wedding colors and what kind of theme we want to go with. We plan on making our own budget friendly table top centerpieces. The best place that I have found different ideas is off of Pinterest. People post hundreds of pictures of wedding decorations everyday to the site. I especially like this because no matter how creative I think I am, seeing visual pictures really helps. I’m not one of those people that can just throw something together and expect it to turn out. Ryan on the other hand is much more visual and contributed a few of his own original ideas.

There are other great sites out there that can give great centerpiece ideas as well as just general decorations. This website has just about anything you can think of. Colored LEDs to go under vases, feathers, pearls, sea glass and just about anything you need to craft decorations. The good thing about buying online is buying in bulk. If we don’t shop online we are lucky enough to have an AC Moore, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s all in the same shopping area.


  The use of colored gel with a colored LED light give off an awesome glow.

Think Ahead-Even Far In Advance

We figure that thinking about some of this stuff now will help us come up with a decoration budget. The first step to decorations is not only keeping color in mind, but how practical the decorations are going to be. That means cost and how long it will take for us to make them. Investing time isn’t a bad thing, but it can’t be overly exhausting work. With so many other things that need to be planned we can’t afford to focus all of our time on just decorations. If Ryan and I do decide that we like a particular centerpiece that may take more work, it’s better for us to look at them now than later. That way we can decide when is appropriate to start buying the materials and work on them. This is a pretty obvious statement but things start to easily slip away when you start getting busy.

               This is a lighted lamp shade with LED’s at the base. The lamp shade is too pricey at $145/each.

But the idea is fun!

Just Ideas

Ideas are as far as I have gotten in the decoration department. We like the colors turquoise and a coral-orange color together. As for our theme we have decided that whether we get to be at the beach or not, we are going to bring the beach to us by doing a beach theme. I’m glad that I started to think of things now because I feel like I’m one step closer to completing this step. The pictures I have chosen to put on this article are all of the possible decorations I like. I will update a future blog if I make progress .

This is definitely a favorite. LED at the bottom of the base with colored gems and water. The flower is beautifully lit!


One thought on “Finding Decoration Ideas

  1. Much better use of headings and great inclusion of pictures! They’re really pretty and I’ve never seen anything like them in weddings I’ve been to. I love the light and glass and water theme.

    You can hyperlink things rather than putting the link in the text. There’s a link button in the posting page up there with all the formatting things, you just highlight the text you want to position the link in, then push the button and the box will pop up for you to paste in the link itself then just the words will link to the new website. If you’d like me to show you in class, let me know. It will help your paragraphs read more smoothly.

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