Brooch Bouquets Are Fun

I thought that this brooch bouquet was really interesting especially with the brooch that has a picture frame! Check out more on this site!

Sometimes when planning a wedding, it’s the little things that you want to have for memories. The most common things that are kept from a wedding are the pictures and of course the dress–but what about your beautiful bouquet? There is always the option to dry and press the flowers into a book, or you can have a lasting bouquet that you can keep forever.

At one of the first bridal shows that I went to a stand with shiny objects caught my eye. It was a bunch of brooches (as in the decorative pins that women wear on sweaters or nice jackets) in all shapes, colors and sizes. The vendor, Always and Forever Brooch Bouquets, makes bouquets out of brooches for weddings. It’s an alternative to buying flower bouquets for the bride or even the bride’s maids.

There are plenty of websites that sell all ready put together bouquets made of brooches, but it can also be a do-it-yourself project. I found a blog that shows how to put together a bouquet once the brooches are purchased. Really, the hardest part is deciding what pins you want to buy and how to make them work together. Brooches can be purchased in various shapes and colors through many jewelry websites online. I Googled brooch bouquets, which then took me to sites that specifically sell brooches for making wedding bouquets. Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to searching online, but rather look at thrift stores or even antique shops if you want a vintage style.

Not all bouquets have to be made completely of brooches. Some of the pictures I have found on other sites show a combination of the pins and fake flowers. This just adds some extra color and variety. Usually I think that fake flowers look…fake, but check out the picture below of flowers this one woman used from Michael’s craft store. Hers look real, in fact I actually thought they were until she said she bought them at craft store. Check out her DIY forum for making the bouquet!

Price wise, it may not be much different than buying a real flower bouquet for your wedding. But it really depends on how crafty you can be. Pre-made brooch bouquets range anywhere from $150-$300 and up depending on how big and the type of brooches used (such as heavily jeweled, more colorful and intricate). Brooches that are sold separately can be found for just about any price depending on what you are looking for. It seems that $3 or $4 is the average but think about how many you need to use to make a substantial bouquet.

This bouquet is $375 from

This may not be a must have on some wedding budgets but if you’re looking for something to keep forever to display, this is a great idea. It can also be your “something old” if your mom or grandma has a brooch to add. This is a nice way to have a very personal keepsake.


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