For some, this one takes the cake!

There’s nothing more cliché in wedding movies than watching a couple go and pick out a wedding cake and taste test. Of course there is good reasoning for this. Picking out a wedding cake is something that requires thought and of course your taste buds. I’m not even close to picking out a wedding cake by any means, but I thought it would be something interesting to look into. There are so many options and ideas out there that you can choose from.

As of right now, there is a current fad going around in the wedding cake industry(which I am very much considering for my wedding day). It isn’t clear when this fad started, but it seems to be one that many couples are looking at for their wedding. It is said to be more affordable than a traditional wedding cake. The trend is cupcake wedding cakes. Cupcake wedding cakes have become in high demand for being casual and budget friendly. Plus they are just something out of the norm that looks nice. Check out this website that has pictures of some cupcakes and also explains a little more about them.

This is a good example of a simple cake stand.

Do it yourself

A caterer may not be necessary depending on how much time you may have or your baking skills. Some brides that chose the cupcake option decide to make the cupcakes themselves. It’s just as easy to get creative with cupcakes as it is with a normal cake. Cupcake wedding cakes are usually arranged on a stand of some sort with different tiers that hold the cupcakes. At the top of the stand some brides put a small round cake or just continue the tiers with more cupcakes. This site is a “how to” for making a cupcake wedding cake. Pretty much everything you need to know/basics.


The top of this cake isn’t cupcakes but a small cake. One of many options.

Worth it?

I found a website that talks a little about whether or not it is more cost effective to have cupcakes vs. a traditional cake. It seems that it is a mixture between opinion and craftiness that can set the two apart. I thought the site was useful because it does a pretty good break down as to what is needed to put the cupcakes together. Click here to check out the site!

There is a lot of room for creativity with cupcakes that sometimes a regular cake may not be able to express. Of course like most things it just depends on how much you are willing to spend for both time and money. Some couples chose alternating frosting or some with or without sprinkles. A few cupcakes may even have some sort of design on them. It’s all by preference, but this is one of the many things that makes cupcake wedding cakes popular.


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