How to Pick a Color Scheme

One thing that can be done as an easy to start to plan a wedding is picking out the colors. Many people prefer to do this first before starting the decorations or even picking the venue. When it comes down to it, the color scheme for your wedding is the backbone for the entire decorating process. Once this is established the decorating and venue picking can move into full swing. If you’re not sure what colors you want to pick, some couples may pick their venue first to tie in the colors. Also keep in mind a theme if you have one. For my wedding I like the idea of something beachy so I would go with colors along that idea.

Where to Start?

It’s not always easy picturing what things are going to look like in your head; especially when it comes to colors. I suggest looking at color swatches either online or from fabrics that you can pick for bridesmaids dresses or for the groom’s vest. Some colors online can be deceiving but at least you can determine the names and compare a little more easily. Of course there are a wide variety of colors to choose from but that is where narrowing down the choices comes in. Figure out what color is your favorite and ask your significant other what color he considers to be his favorite. Here is a list of popular colors that people use for their weddings and how they decorated with them. This helps because even if hot pink is your favorite or his is orange, you can do different variations of colors (unless of course you want the hot pink and orange). For instance, my favorite color is pink but a pinkish coral color is what I would like to have for a wedding. As for my fiancé he likes the color blue so we decided on more of a soft turquoise.

I thought that this color wheel does a good job showing all the variations of colors.

Colors are Everything

Some couples may not place as much importance on color until later on, but I think that color is a very significant start. As I stated earlier, the colors you chose will, in most cases be the colors of your bridesmaids’ dresses and what your groom wears (tie, vest, shirt, and flower). The color scheme will possibly be the color of your napkins, table cloth and flower arrangements. If you’re looking around at venues you may try to incorporate the colors you chose with the surroundings. Some banquet halls may have painted walls or colored floors in which you may try to blend some of your colors with so that they don’t conflict. But if you aren’t picky about this sort of thing it doesn’t really matter. Don’t base your venue all off of your colors. Make them work together or chose colors that you know will stand out and draw attention.

I really like a particular article that explains what different colors mean and how they work together. I find it very useful and I think others may want to read it to get an idea of what kind of feeling they are trying to convey through their wedding colors. Check out the article here.


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